In purchasing a wall map of Australian Pastoral Stations OR Sponsoring the production of the map.

We need to guage interest in this product before we go ahead and purchase up to date data. If you would be interested, send us an email and if the response is positive we will advise you and send a sample of the map with the cost and postage. The final product will be printed inhouse and laminated using 180gsm coated inkjet paper. The map size will be 1200mm high by 1540mm wide. The scale will be 1:3million, showing 3600 Property names. The price will be around $155. If we get a large response we will shift the production to an off site printer and the product will be in full colour (eg. Blue ocean, mainland in a mustard colour etc)

We are also seeking a single sponsor to advertise on this map to assist with production costs.

Further details available by emailing

Map of Australian Pastoral Stations from Alick Maps
Australian Pastoral Stations from Alick Maps

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